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KELY Ehub is an online learning platform that supports young people and relevant stakeholders in continuous acquiring skills and knowledge in youth related issues.




Be educated, be empowered!

What people say about KELY’s Programme

“I am more confident to give ideas in the programme. Before I used to get nervous about what if people don’t like it or aren’t interested. Now I think you should just give what you know even though they might not be interested, you should say out what you have.”

“I think I now know the drug effect briefly and how they affect people. Really glad we got to organise fun and educational activities.”
“I learnt about the risks of drugs, felt confident of what we learnt and shared with others by producing a music video. I actually have the ability to influence others.”

Form 3 student participants

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“The creative process, warm-up games got us from being nervous to being very comfortable with each other and rely on each other. We had never written scripts before in our school. I was nervous in the past but the rehearsal and performance gave us a chance to act on stage which gave me confidence.”

Student participant, 14 years old

“I have gained insight into why people really take drugs. I used to think they are just doing it to look cool and have fun but now I know that they face pressure and they have a lot of personal issues.”

Student participant, 15 years old


Empower Young People to Reach Their Full Potential

“It’s amazing to support SOSKELY. I think young people feel comfortable talking to us because we have a non-judgmental approach.”

SOSKELY volunteer

“I found it safe here at the SOSKELY tent. The team offered lots of help when I needed the support.”

Youth, 22 years old

“SOSKELY helped me and my friends 4 years ago when we were in high school. So grateful to see this still going strong today! Thank you for your service!”

Youth, 21 years old

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“Juggling is a way for me to relieve stress. I bring my Diablo set (a type of juggling equipment) everywhere I go. I am not afraid to play it in the crowd. I am glad that I found my way to manage my stress through the programme.”

Student participant

“As a team player, I learnt to speak up more, provide more assistance, and not to rely on the leader to decide everything.”

Student participant

“We are delighted that this programme can provide students with a multi-faceted school life and a learning platform outside academic lessons. Through learning new skills, students can build their confidence and resilience, as well as learn to listen to instructions and get along with others.”

Teacher from Kwun Tong Government Secondary School


with the skills, knowledge, and opportunities needed to support themselves and each other.

“I hope that if my photographs hold up as ‘mirrors’ to people, where they see their own stress and pressure reflected in them, they can be inspired to put their stress aside and enjoy life.”

“The photos I have chosen reflect some of my feelings deep inside that I seldom express.”
“Through this programme I’ve learnt more about myself and I notice things a lot more than before. I never used to think about where I come from but now I am really intrigued. I realise there’s so much I didn’t know about myself.”

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“This programme helps me to be more confident in front of my classmates and speak up in class.”

Student participant

“I learnt more about drugs and also to be more confident in standing up for myself when I’m in a situation similar to the play.”

Student participant

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Jockey Club Community Sustainability Fund - Smart Youth Health Project

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